The members of the Parish Council are:

Clerk to the Council: Tim Payne - 01823 432959

The Parish Council has a number of Committees to deal with specific matters:

  • Allotment Committee (Anita Dakowski and Maggie Dinning )

  • Amenity Committee (Rod Burton (Chair), Maggie Dinning, Ginney May and Gill Lumby (co-opted member))

  • Emergency Planning Committee ( Philip Chamber, Anita Dakowski and Chris Mann )

  • Personnel Committee ( Karin Coombes, Anita Dakowski and Jenny Hoyle)

The Urgency Committee which would act between Ordinary meetings if required: (Chair, Anita Dakowski & the Clerk)

Specific Councillor roles:

  • Highways Officer: Chris Mann

  • Footpaths: Anita Dakowski and Trevor Phelps

All Councillors are required to consent to act in accordance with the adopted Code of Conduct and sign a Declaration of Interests form. These can be reviewed as below: